Paid Survey Scams

There are many legitimate survey companies offering cash and prizes for participating in paid surveys, but unfortunately there are some paid surveys companies that scam people.

The most common way to scam with pay surveys is to offer the paid surveys participants cash or prizes for doing surveys and then never deliver the promised cash/prizes. The paid survey scam operator sells the collected survey data, but doesn’t pay the participants and then simply disappears. Usually the same people that ran the paid survey scam operation reappear under completely new business identity, and try to continue with their scam tactics.

Some companies compile lists of legitimate companies offering paid surveys and require one-time setup fee in order to access their list. Although there is nothing wrong with this business model, I would advise against paying them, because you can access similar paid surveys lists completely free of charge (check our survey list). Some of these companies claim that their customers will be able to earn hundreds of dollars per hour if they join their program, and this for me is a scam tactic because earning hundreds of dollars per hour doing paid surveys is simply not possible. Some paid survey companies claim that they update their list with paid surveys frequently (weekly for example), but they never deliver on their promise. This is another scam tactic to get people to join and pay one-time fee.

Do not join paid survey companies that ask for money. Despite the fact that they might be a legitimate company, there is no need to pay for paid survey lists, because you can access them for free. If you decide to join such company do your own research before joining, and you will find out that there are many scam paid survey operations running online.