What is a paid survey?

Paid Surveys are a very effective way to gather consumer opinions on products, services, politics and just about anything you can imagine. Once compiled the paid surveys data is sold to corporations, governments, and individuals. Why would somebody need survey data, you may ask. The answer is simple, by gathering consumer opinions companies can effectively improve their services and products. By surveying people’s opinion on political decisions and affairs, politicians gather feedback about people’s needs and about their popularity.

Paid surveys have been around for a while. Before the online paid surveys, survey collecting companies were doing surveys by phone, email and in person. Doing surveys the old-fashioned way was actually very expensive, because somebody had to be paid to make all those phone calls, to send all these mails and then sort the responses, etc. The rapid evolution of Internet changed the way most of modern paid survey companies work. All these companies started offering online paid surveys, where the consumer can express his/her opinion through filling an online survey form. What are the benefits of the online paid surveys over the phone and mail surveys? As we already mentioned a big benefit is the huge cost savings for the survey companies. The consumer also benefits greatly from online surveys, because they can do the surveys any time they want, at their own pace and from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Another benefit of course is that consumers get paid to do these surveys, which can be a nice additional income.

Marketing research is a multi-billion dollar industry and paid surveys play an ever increasing role in it.